Belgian GP

126. Belgian GP (Full-kit wankers)

126. Belgian GP (Full-kit wankers)

Huge crashes, overtakes for the race lead, new teams—the Belgian grand prix had everything you could want from the first five corners of a race. To keep things rolling we cover all the rumoured driver changes, learn some obscure facts about one of the great drivers of our time and deploy full snark toward those with all the gear and no idea.

34. Belgian GP (Orange is the new JEV)

Well, the summer break is well and truly over and if you thought some time away was going to allow the drivers to cool off you've got another thing coming my friend! We decompress the race for probably far too long, unleash the Superlicense Predictions Podium, Zach slaps Rod with a Spa Francorchamps quiz and there's many references to Bane for some reason. Enjoy!

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10. Belgium 2013 (Freak out!)

Did you miss us? It has been four whole week since we spoke at your earholes so forgive us as we ramble on about driver nicknames, Spa, Zach's upcoming trip to Monza, Rod's "What Would Ricciardo Wow Do?" quiz and the triumphant return of Zach's TwitPic Challenge. All this and less on this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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Twitter account for Samurai Alonso

Young Sebastian Vettel eating an apple

Young Michael Schumacher with a mustache (ladies)

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