Brazilian GP

86 - Brazilian GP (Red Bull's reproduction program)

86 - Brazilian GP (Red Bull's reproduction program)

Nobody would have held it against you if you nodded off during the extremely long Brazilian Grand Prix. If you missed any of the action never fear, Rod and Zach bring you all the crashes and splashes of the raintastic race. In one of our final opportunities to do so we have a peak behind the curtain of the career of Felipe Massa in this week's Superquiz and speculate about Red Bull's young driver breeding program.

40. Brazil GP (A bit of horse-arsery)

Oh man, we've reached episode 40 which explains those aches and pains!

This week we'll deconstruct the Brazilian GP, Rod tests Zach's knowledge of championships this went down to the wire, F1 dreams gets a run and we use up all the of the champagne.

*** Superlicense meet-up drinks will be planned before Zach takes off for the UK, so stay tuned if you live in the greater Melbourne area! ***

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