British GP

99. British GP (A son, a daughter, a pineapple)

99. British GP (A son, a daughter, a pineapple)

Hamilton completely bossed it at his home race and reduced the championship deficit to almost nothing. From the Toro Rosso kerfuffle to the Force India predicament, the boys churn through the entire race weekend, reflect on F1 Live: London, and smash out a Superquiz that'll bring you all up to speed with a gifted driver of prominence. 

75. British GP (Rio Harayaintsobad)

We were primed to see another classic Mercedes battle but instead it was a dominant performance from Hamilton and some controversial radio for Rosberg rained on his parade. In our patented SuperQuiz (patent pending) we look at Hamilton's achievements around Silverstone and beyond, we also inaugurated the Rio Harayanto cheersquad and speculate wildly about the Rules of Engagement.

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52. British GP (You can't dummy a dummy)

Rod and Zach finally return to the mic to discuss the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, we talk about the rain, point an accusing finger at Williams, ramp up speculation over the driver market and Rod throws down a musical SuperQuiz that is guaranteed to make you shake your groove thing.*

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* - Guarantee not guranteed

30. British GP (Child's face, full man's body)

Holy wow, we made it to Silverstone the land of the free and the home of the brave (literally). We talk about the race, but you probably could have guessed that, Zach throws down a Formula E quiz (don't forget, we will probably cover the FE races later in the year) and Rod teases a new interaction opportunity - TELL US YOUR F1 DREAMS! Have you dreamt that you were lined up at the Supermarket next to Jenson Button? Were you ever racing an F1 car, only to fly off the track and land on the oval of your primary school while dressed as Spiderman? We want you to email us text or audio of your F1 dream and we'll pick our favourites for the upcoming season break episode.

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