F1 trivia

66. Australian GP (Writing "sexy laps" on a whiteboard)

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F1 is back, and you couldn't have asked for a better race to kick off the season. RIP in peace new qualifying, we hardly wanted ye, we question what the future holds for the two youngsters at Toro Rosso, Rod shares his insights from his first time inside the paddock and Zach takes the reigns for the Superquiz.


64. 2015 season review (with Box of Neutrals)

It's a Christmas extravaganza as Rod and Zach join the Box of Neutrals crew for a look at all things weird and wonderful in the 2015 Formula One Season. As if that wasn't enough there's also a taste of what happened when we joined Chris and Luke from the Parc Ferme Podcast for their epic trivia session, and we reveal who took brought home the christmas bacon in the prediction and fantasy leagues.

From the squad at Superlicense HQ, we hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

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47. Bahrain GP (The Cycle Twister Slim)

Traditional frenemies Rod and Zach recap the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, serve up the juiciest news stories, challenge their F1 knowledge and visit websites that no one should ever have to visit.


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34. Belgian GP (Orange is the new JEV)

Well, the summer break is well and truly over and if you thought some time away was going to allow the drivers to cool off you've got another thing coming my friend! We decompress the race for probably far too long, unleash the Superlicense Predictions Podium, Zach slaps Rod with a Spa Francorchamps quiz and there's many references to Bane for some reason. Enjoy!

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