Hungarian GP

76. Hungary GP (Is that why they call them shawls?)

Hamilton takes the lead in the championship and many hoped and expected, but does he know why they are called "shawls" are called that? Unlikely. We dig deep into the Hungarian Grand Prix and turn a boring race in a discussion that sparkles with wit and insight and if you like quizzes about radio and telemetry then you'll love our quiz about those very same things.

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8. Hungary 2013 (Romain Opinjean)

Join Rod, Zach and the Hungry Kids of Hungary* to recap that race, discuss drivers contracts for next year, a points based quiz, a NEW SEGMENT (dun dun DUN) and much much MUCH MORE!!!! (Maybe I shouldn't type the show notes at 1am? Or maybe I should.)

Show notes:

Rod's Sebastian Vettel meme.

The first Felipe Massa expression that wasn't even a bit forced.

Hamilton's ultimate wellspring of inspiration... himself.

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* - not really