Japanese Grand Prix

106. Japanese Grand Prix (Science Vs Formula 1)

106. Japanese Grand Prix (Science Vs Formula 1)

Hamilton has pretty much wrapped up the championship, leaving us to do all the work hyping up the rest of the season and picking through the remains of the Japanese Grand Prix. We farewell Jolyon Palmer, dream of Jiro dreaming of sushi, debate the virtue of taking cameras into the driver briefings and Zach brings peace and enlightenment in the return of the Haikuiz.

58. Japanese GP (Delicious free overtake cake)

Rod and Zach waste no time getting straight into their Japanese Grand Prix coverage this week, including as much of the F1 news as was known at the time, Rod looks to Jenson Button for some trivia inspiration, an "overtake cake" is mentioned for some reason and we pretty much overcook it by the end of the show - hopefully you'll still find it entertaining enough! ;)

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15. Japanese GP (Altitude Level: Nigel Mansel)

Holy smokes. Following some critical technical failures Rod and Zach struggle through to recap the Japanese Grand Prix, we find out if Zach can tell the difference between a Japanese F1 Driver or a delicious Japanese delicacy, Zach waxes zen-like with a Haikuiz and we unveil the secret behind Sebastian Vettel's recent speed.

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