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121. Austrian GP (Yummy, yummy, lots of points for me)

121. Austrian GP (Yummy, yummy, lots of points for me)

We're over the hump of the triple-header and Austria gave us a race that nobody could predict and nobody will forget (although Mercedes probably wish they could). Rod gets weird in the Superquiz, we analyse the strategy calls that shaped the race and visualise the Sky commentators demise following a dramatically elongated haranguing.

77. German GP (Skulls of wings of fire of death)

Hamilton is well on his way to winning the championship by something like 10,000 points after another crushing victory in Germany so we lighten the mood with some positive F1 News headlines and we look back at a very famous occurrence in F1 history for this week's quiz.

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43. 2015 Season Preview (feat. Matt Clayton and Jack the F1 Statman)

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Season 2015 is so close you can almost feel it breathing down your neck and your old mates Rod and Zach are back to preview the 2015 season. We have a chat to F1 journalist Matt Clayton and crazy F1 Statman Jack, get you grey matter ticking with a Superquiz and some 


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