27. Monaco GP (It's all just down there and... don't think about it)

It's time for another jam packed episode of the Superlicense F1 Podcast. We run over time again, but in our defence we had to cover the passing of Sir Jack Brabham, Zach's birthday, and fantastic swag of listener predictions and we suggest that Hamilton and Rosberg calm the farm ahead of the next race in Canada.

Speaking of the next race, if you're the kind of person who reads show notes you're probably also the kind of person who might get a kick out of joining us for a live-stream of the recording. So, if the stars align check out twitter (see below) and we'll let you know that it's going ahead. We'll aim for something like 30 mins after the end of the race and we'll tweet you the link for what could be a once in a lifetime event... watching us record a LIVE EPISODE OF SUPERLICENSE!!!!

Show notes:

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7. Germany 2013 (Gerhard or go home)

Join Rod and Zach for a Bier and Currywurst as they discuss the German Grand Prix. Rod dishes up another questionable SuperQuiz and Zach takes his punishment after failing to launch, leaving the podcast with a segment deficit.

Show notes:

Hamilton has been taking notes from this brilliant Into The Barrier video.

Since Zach has no idea, this is Karl Pilkington and the infamous Rockbusters.

Obviously neither of us majored in Botany in our studies.

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