Sebastian Vettel

129. Russian GP (You've got to be in it to be in it)

129. Russian GP (You've got to be in it to be in it)

It's a good, old-fashioned sleep-deprived grumpcast this week as we look back at the most controversial race of the year. With team orders being the topic du jour, Rod and Zach also discuss the proposed qualifying changes, fixing the engine penalty system, we play "Kvyat or nyet" and unpack the hidden meaning of a 90's RNB classic.

46. Chinese GP (It's good to know the rules)

Once again Rod and Zach bring you all the F1 action that's fit to print and some that isn't fit for anything truth be told. We catch up on some Formula 1 news, a very successful designer inspires a SuperQuiz and listeners are treated to the triumphant return of a fan-favourite segment... F1 Dreams.

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45. Malaysia GP (Fan boost is charity)

Malaysiyeah! Your old pals Rod and Zach run you through the race that shook up Formula 1 and gave us all hope for an end to Mercedes dominance. We milk Giedo Van Der Garde for the last time (I promise) preview the China Grand Prix and mention House of Cards, Friends, sexy pool photos and plenty of other nonsense.

We also streamed this episode live as a bit of a test, if you are desperate to listen to us making this sausage we'll tweet out the day/time/link but for the foreseeable future it'll be early morning Australia time, evening UK time.


16. Indian GP (Gernando Galonso)

Well, you've probably heard the great news and with the championship wrapped up Rod and Zach struggle to contain their excitement. Rod asks for some privacy to driver a drug sample for this week's SuperQuiz, and Zach.... does the thing and wins the points.

If you're a fan of the medium energy styling of comedian Todd Barry, this episode is for you.

Show notes:

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15. Japanese GP (Altitude Level: Nigel Mansel)

Holy smokes. Following some critical technical failures Rod and Zach struggle through to recap the Japanese Grand Prix, we find out if Zach can tell the difference between a Japanese F1 Driver or a delicious Japanese delicacy, Zach waxes zen-like with a Haikuiz and we unveil the secret behind Sebastian Vettel's recent speed.

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13. Korea 2013 (@OftenMistakenForLego)

Will number 13 be unlucky for the Superlicense podcast? Rod and Zach recap the Korean Grand Prix, examine Grosjean's performance in 2012 and... whatever you could call Zach's quiz segment. It's all in good fun, and many thanks to listener Ewan who bought us a Formula Car "almost Lego" kit. What a guy!

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10. Belgium 2013 (Freak out!)

Did you miss us? It has been four whole week since we spoke at your earholes so forgive us as we ramble on about driver nicknames, Spa, Zach's upcoming trip to Monza, Rod's "What Would Ricciardo Wow Do?" quiz and the triumphant return of Zach's TwitPic Challenge. All this and less on this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Show notes:

Twitter account for Samurai Alonso

Young Sebastian Vettel eating an apple

Young Michael Schumacher with a mustache (ladies)

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9. Summer Break Quiz-pilation

Pour yourself a summery cocktail and let Rod and Zach fill the warm hours between now and the next race. We humbly offer up a primer on what it takes to earn an actual Super license, and piece together the gems that have been the first eight episodes worth of SuperQuizes. Enjoy!

Show notes:

Intro "What's a Superlicense?" Quiz Our First Quiz! The Dangerous Quiz Women in F1 Quiz Our First TwitPic Challenge! Vettel's car or Burlesque star Quiz TwitPic Challenge 2: Zach's Revenge O Canada! Quiz Nur/Burg/Ring Quiz F1 Acrostic Summerbreakvettelpoints Quiz Our First "Who Saiditt?"! Showcase: Twitter Followers Outro

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5. Canada 2013 (The worst X-Men podcast around)

(There's a short drop-in at the start of this episode, we finished recording before the news of the fatal incident involving a Grand Prix steward was announced.)

Join our discussion of the Canadian Grand Prix, indulge your adventurous side with a Canadian flavoured quiz, we preview the Silverstone race and outline the correct champagne celebration technique (Spray, Drink, Drop).

Show notes:

Webber's amazing run mid-2010

Where have all the Edgar Allen Poe look-a-likes gone?

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