Singapore GP

151. Singapore GP (Don't speak about it, and also Spiderwebs)

151. Singapore GP (Don't speak about it, and also Spiderwebs)

Did Ferrari dud their young star driver to appease Sebastian Vettel? Where did their performance come from in the first place? Will we stick to our usual formula of discussing the podium, what Ricciardo did and something from the backmarkers? What was that weird reference to someone connecting with Zach on LinkedIn? It's fine, don't even worry about it.

104. Singapore GP (A bit of crazy crashing)

104. Singapore GP (A bit of crazy crashing)

Who was to blame for the first corner incident in Singapore? Should Kubica replace Palmer? Will Sauber become a Ferrari b-team? As the fireworks subside around Marina Bay and the last of the chilli mud-crab are consumed, we learn the winner of our Driver of the Day poll, and reflect on the silliest crashes in F1 history.

81 - Singapore GP (Great culture, great people, etc.)

Nico Rosberg delivers a commanding performance to reclaim the lead in the championship but it was the Daniil Kvyat Kvyomeback that we're most excited about. We dive into all other news kicking around the sport and Rod asks Zach "Have Your Been Paying Attention?" in the latest edition of the SuperQuiz.

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36. Singapore GP (Handy on a Luge)

Zach and Rod make a triumphant return from their week in Singapore to rip through all the news, happenings and good vibes from the Singapore Grand Prix. It wouldn't be an episode of Superlicense if it didn't go far longer than necessary, but to be fair we also touched on the inaugural Formula E race, a listener F1 dream and much more.

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