131. United States GP (We haven't talked about Kimi for several minutes)

131. United States GP (We haven't talked about Kimi for several minutes)

Are you not entertained? What everyone expected would be a dead-rubber turned out to the best race we've had in, I dunno, yonks. We talk about the ins and outs from COTA, letting all the richoes pay to race, more driver market chatter, and we relive some of Raikkonen finest moments in the Superquiz.

107. United States GP (Firm for Verstappen)

107. United States GP (Firm for Verstappen)

It was hyped to within an inch of it's life, but the US Grand Prix did deliver some interesting talking points even if the drivers' championship remains on life support. We discuss which drivers are staying put, which are moving on and which new-comers look like existing drivers. Did you like the pre-race hype-o-rama? Us neither, and we work out definitely "Which F1 Driver are you?" via a highly scientific measure (the results may surprise you).

60. United States GP (The first among equals)

How about Lewis Hamilton, hey? We look at how he arrived at his third world championship and what he has in common with others in "The 3 Club". We don't forget that there were other drivers in the race and we try to unveil who is pulling the strings on the future of F1 engine regulations (without turning things into a snore-fest) and look ahead to the rest of the year and beyond.


39. Austin GP (BBQ Happy Hour)

Yeeeehaw! Well that podcast title kind of writes itself doesn't it. Things get a bit schizophrenic this week we manage to pull it together to talk about the Austin Grand Prix, there's an unexplained horse race in there somewhere, references to obscure podcasts that you'll either love or hate (we hope you'll love it) and we caught up with one of the most dapper men in F1, the one and only Mr Trent Price.

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