137. Bahrain GP (Winning when you're crap)

137. Bahrain GP (Winning when you're crap)

We're all commiserating with the new heartbreak kid, Charles Leclerc. The lack of sleep and busy days utterly cook Rod's brain, instead we offer highlights from the Fantasy League, low-lights for Vettel and Renault, Zach talks fancy beers and we learn a truly bewildering pnuemonic for remembering one team's full name.

56. Italian GP (Like a baboon heart)

Phwoar what a controversial finish and we thought we'd do something a little different like talk about it for far too long. What do you know about the Monza banking? Not much? Well the Superquiz will help you out and why the heck is the title called "Like a baboon heart"? Well if you're looking to this extract for answers you are SOL, better have a listen to the episode instead.

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