15. Japanese GP (Altitude Level: Nigel Mansel)

Holy smokes. Following some critical technical failures Rod and Zach struggle through to recap the Japanese Grand Prix, we find out if Zach can tell the difference between a Japanese F1 Driver or a delicious Japanese delicacy, Zach waxes zen-like with a Haikuiz and we unveil the secret behind Sebastian Vettel's recent speed.

Show notes:

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9. Summer Break Quiz-pilation

Pour yourself a summery cocktail and let Rod and Zach fill the warm hours between now and the next race. We humbly offer up a primer on what it takes to earn an actual Super license, and piece together the gems that have been the first eight episodes worth of SuperQuizes. Enjoy!

Show notes:

Intro "What's a Superlicense?" Quiz Our First Quiz! The Dangerous Quiz Women in F1 Quiz Our First TwitPic Challenge! Vettel's car or Burlesque star Quiz TwitPic Challenge 2: Zach's Revenge O Canada! Quiz Nur/Burg/Ring Quiz F1 Acrostic Summerbreakvettelpoints Quiz Our First "Who Saiditt?"! Showcase: Twitter Followers Outro

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6. Silverstone 2013 (Systematic. Hydromatic. Ultramatic.)

Armchair experts Rod and Zach return to discuss the Silverstone Grand Prix, Rod throws up a quiz where the right answers are wrong, the Twitter Profile Pic challenge goes pear shaped and we look ahead to the German GP.

Show notes:

Kimi Raikonnen's "haircut"

Who wrecked all the tyres? You tell us.

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3. Spanish Grand Prix 2013

We're back after a three week break to bring you all the juiciest highlights (and lowlights) of this week's Spanish Grand Prix. We also sneak in a little tyre-talk, plus Rod pummels Zach with a fresh, ladies-only quiz. Will Zach ever get his revenge? Just maybe…

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1. Chinese Grand Prix 2013

The very first Superlicense episode where we cover all of the important action from the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix, as well as our inaugural quiz, where Rod pushes Zach's F1 knowledge to its limits.

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