Website announcement minisode (Ferris Bueller's Bedroom Door)

My goodness, what a summer/winter it has been! Catch up with all of Zach's shenanigans over the break including his location to the motherland, get all the details on our splendorous new website where you can get news and all kinds of crazy crap including....

*** drumroll ****

MERCH! If you didn't already know there's a classic Superlicense t-shirt, but we've added SIX MORE DESIGNS and you'd better believe that every dollar goes back in to supporting all things Zach and Rod. 

So be prepared, look great ahead of the upcoming F1 season and for now kick back and get some initial thoughts on testing from Zach and Rod ahead of the Season Preview episode that will hit your ears in plenty of time before the Melbourne Grand Prix.

MELBOURNE MEET-UP REDUX! So many people messaged us to say they wanted to come to the last one Rod thought he'd give it another go, so before the GP we'll pick a date and a place and a time and we. will. do. it. up!


Talk to you guys real soon!

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